MMethow Valley Builders, Inc.

Methow Valley Builders, Inc. serves Custom Home markets in Mazama, Winthrop, and the greater Methow Valley.  Our line of LucasCube prefabricated kits and structural units are available to serve anywhere in the US and beyond. The teamwork Methow Valley Builders, Inc. provides efficiently and effectively delivers high quality Turn key custom Architectural homes and pre-fabricated products.

On site work operates with the full support of the controlled environment our professional wood working shops provides our master craftsmen.  We specialize in constructing mathematically precise structures that accomplish even the most complex architectural goals. Although the majority of our work is architecturally sophisticated and of high quality, we also enjoy simple, modest structures that meet most budgets. Our crew shares years of experience working together and many common values that help make our jobsites fun and productive.

DDesign is Essential

Many variables including climate, geography, function and desire combine to create an effective design.  Each client is unique and is best served by a variety of design approaches.

House Plans, Kits and Prefabricated units

Looking for a high quality modern home, but want to streamline the design and permitting process, we offer stock Plans and Kits based on decades of high end architectural construction work and an academic background in Environmental Planning. Our base plans are highly customizable to meet varying site and customer needs. To create a unique project using our structural system please contact Methow Valley Builders Inc. and we will work with you and one of our design professionals to bring your project to life.

Custom Architectural Home

Unique Architectural Works are fun and rewarding projects to work on. If  a one of a king project tailored specifically to you is the most appealing, we have a couple of  outstanding Architecture Firms to recommend with full confidence based on previous projects. Please check them out and see if they are a good fit for you. Methow Valley Builders Inc. is also open to working with another Architect of your choice, decided on a case by case basis. Both of the firms we recommend are experienced in Passive solar design, modern architecture, mass timber, green building choices, efficient mechanical systems and contemporary construction techniques.



Building Green, Building better

  • Mass Timber
  • Passive Solar Design
  • Sustainable Products
  • Renewable Resources
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Fire Resistant
  • Modern Architecture

NNow Accepting

We are now accepting new project requests starting in 2023. Our small, highly skilled team can only accept a limited number of projects each year, so consider contacting us as soon as possible if you have a home other building in mind. We will do our best to fit you in!

One off Custom Architectural projects are estimated and billed on a Time and Materials Plus 17% model, all records are kept transparent. For simpler projects and projects using our stock house plans, we offer a turn key final price payable in installments.

The owner and crew of MVB have deep ties to the Methow Valley and North Central Washington and are here for the long term.

You can count on us to be here years after your project is complete.