Current Projects

The crew and I at Methow Valley Builders are building the first 5 homes of a 13 home affordable housing development, with the first homes ready for occupancy around December of 2018 through May of 2019. Currently we are framing 2500 square foot Modern Home in Mazama, and we are currently accepting work for the Fall of 2019. Weekly updates of our progress can be viewed on our Methow Valley Builders Facebook Page.


Methow Valley Builders, Inc. operates a transparent business based on the time and materials plus a 15% contractor’s fee. Our crew draws from a diverse talent pool and earns a competitive wage. We are expert craftsmen with a variety of talents beginning with but not limited to the following list:

  • Stick Framing
  • Traditional post and beam
  • Log Joinery
  • Glass facades
  • Concrete Counters
  • Immaculate trim Work

In the wake of the blaze that took place in the 2014 Carlton Complex wildfire, Methow Valley Builders, Inc. is altering the Silver Spur Lodge in Brewster, Washington.

In response to the devastating  2014 Carlton Complex Wildfire that took various structures in North Central Washington, Methow Valley Builders, Inc. made plans to revamp the region. This broad resort lodge building was build in Brewster, Wa. With dazzling custom log work, this project gets inspiration from the hotels that once filled Brewster and incorporating domains.

Working in North Central Washington, and working in Brewster, is possible by virtue of the gathering at Methow Valley Builders, Inc..